Artist Imnotwordy likes to keep things simple. Very simple. The Swedish graphic artist has a knack for reducing characters, places and almost everything in between, down to a couple of lines, shapes and colors.

His minimalistic work have been featured in various magazines, exhibitions, blogs and books around the world. He sold out his limited series at both FAB (2012) and Monoqi (2014) in record time.


“Accomplishing more with less and giving your imagination ample space to run wild, the prints by imnotwordy offer brief glimpses into far off cities. Large blocks of color transform into parks, streets and buildings, all from the subtle suggestion of a few words printed across the top of the piece. It’s time you try your hand at a new type of travel that requires you to sit right where you are.”



“The Swedish artist gets to explore his personal creative passions through minimalistic posters. In his radically reduced interpretations of cities and places from Pyramid of Giza to Texas and everywhere in between, imnotwordy stays true to Albert Einstein’s famous adage on simplicity. With clever and humorous compositions and a pure use of color, imnotwordy offers up perplexing puzzles that will wrap your train of thought around the unexplored corners of your mind.”



“Giza, New York, and Paris are all postcard perfect scenes, right? Yes and no. Swedish artist imnotwordy takes the places you’ve seen in a thousand photos and transforms them into something a little different in his poster series. Leaving most everything to the imagination, imnotwordy's cleverly simple compositions of geometric forms lead you down a perplexing journey of discovery: there’s still a lot to explore in this condensed form. Send your train of thought around the unexplored corners of your mind, or geo-locate with a quick peek at the title in the corner.”